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the PASSENGER experimental performance series began with the EXHALE publication originally launched with integrated screening events from 2006.


live multimedia + music collaborative performances on a sporadic basis

by virtual migrants

parallel narratives between live music, multimedia and video projection


"Passenger" is a sporadic and evolving live format which virtual migrants uses to bring together a particular responsiveness and narrative juxtaposition between collaborative partners.  It was developed as an extension to and inspired by the music performances which accompany the "What If I'm Not Real" installation.  Video or multimedia works are projected either as originals or re-mixed-manipulated using VJ or other interactive software, and this forms a backdrop for various and changeable live musicians who identify with the issues and perspectives from a range of backgrounds, personal developments and cultural contexts.


The video and multimedia narratives draw on documentary approaches even if using semi-surreal fictional forms, and this can be seen as a parallel to the way conscious popular music also draws on an authenticity of experience while simultaneously using bold and abstract poetic licence.  Pushing the boundaries between documentary and live performance, at the Passenger show at the Green Room (23/3/07) the actual lived experience of people dealing with the issues was brought into the theatre space as an additional layer, taking place simultaneously with the live multimedia performance.


Selected Passenger events:


PASSENGER 'X', The Late Room, Manchester  23rd July 2006


PASSENGER: EXHALE, The Green Room, Manchester  23rd March 2007


REROUTE (Passenger 3), Manchester University - Creolising Europe conference  8th September 2007


REGISTER (Passenger 4), CUBE gallery, Manchester  27th May 2009


CLIMATE RACISM (Passenger 5), The Arnolfini, Bristol  4th October 2009


THIRD RESISTANCE (Passenger 6), The Arnolfini, Bristol  7th November 2009


BAHIA-EARTH Set (Passenger 7), Band On The Wall, Manchester  13th December 2009


CLIMATE JUSTICE, SCIENCE & REFUGEES (Passenger 8), International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester  27th October 2010


UN-EARTH (Passenger 9), Platforma Festival, Rochelle School, London  2nd December 2011


RUNNING ORDER (Passenger 10), Creative Corner Café (for Chorlton Arts Festival), 14 Milton Grove, Whalley Range, Manchester  18th May 2012


CRUDE KILLINGS (Passenger 11), International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester  28th November 2012