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new work created for and during the Terminal Frontiers project and tour

A range of new work has been created at various stages, the most significant perhaps being Keith Piper's "Local/Stranger" which became his key work for inclusion in the 2004-5 UK tour.  These various works begin to give a glimpse as to the energetic, expanding and intensive nature of this growing project, which is clearly far more than a group of exhibits which have simply toured a handful of spaces.

(delete where appropriate): LOCAL/STRANGER
a new interactive artwork by Keith Piper
"Between Waters"
series of photographs by Miselo Kunda
on show for the first time at Watermans Arts Centre January 2005
"The Next Breath"
a new collaborative project which emerged from the connections made during the Terminal Frontiers tour
"What If I'm Not Real - the FILM"
a single-screen short film driven by the central narrative of the installation